Meet The Team

Behold! The crazy crew that is Lapsed Gamer Radio! Her are our bios and gamer tags should you want to add us on various platforms.

Mark Hamer

I’m the one with the beard. I’m also the one that whinges about politics on podcast episodes. I’m a thirty-something avid gaming enthusiast, and I will fight anyone who doesn’t appreciate Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

I mean it, I will fight you.

Twitter: @Damocles693
PSN: Damocles693
XBL Gamer Tag: Damocles693 (not currently used)
Steam: Damocles693 Damocles693#2896
Nintendo Switch: SW-0458-8038-9015

Lee Howard

Nintendo ID (Wii U) – CFosco
(3DS) Friend Code – 0361-9527- 6404
PSN – Count-Fosco
Steam – countfosco

Alistair Cornwall aka Corn Wolf

Tends to speak what is on his mind, loves playing most games may be not the most Lapsed Gamer in the team however there are plenty of games on his gaming journey so needs to go back and play or complete them. Has been gaming since the ZX Spectrum, which he played with his other brother and played some classics such as a Commodore 64, SNES, Mega Drive, PSX, Original Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3 and currently gaming on the PS4 and Xbox One. After all that console gaming he has never turned his back on PC gaming playing some truly classic games such as Doom, Quake 2, Deus Ex, World Of Warcraft, Half Life and plenty more.


YouTubeCorn Wolf

XBL Gamer Tag – Corn Wolf

PSN – Corn_Wolf

Steam – CornWolf

Nintendo ID – CornWolf

Cevin Moore

The ancient, Port swigging member of the team started his on/off love affair with video games after playing Pong in the mid 70’s and getting a Philips Videopac G7000 later that decade. Through the following years he’s gone on to own a few Atari ST’s, every Nintendo console since the GameCube, a couple of Xbox 360’s, PSVita, and each PlayStation.

Despite all these gaming platforms, his gaming abilities remain pretty lacking due to a long, hedonistic lifestyle as an industrial dance musician and DJ.

Twitter – @ Cevni

PSN – Cevni

Nintendo – kidfist69

Steam – Kidfist

Stuart Neill

PSN: Saintystu
Steam: SaintlyStu
Game center: stuart.neill
Play games: SaintlyStu
WiiU: Saintlystu Saintlystu#2852

Adam Ducker

Steam: flameboyne
XBL: flameboyNE
PSN: flameboyCA
Google Play: Adam Ducker

Andy Pidhajeckyj

PSN- andypid
XBL Gamer Tag -Do have one, but can’t remember it